Storm & Skye and the Secret of the Car Wash has won the prestigious Tabby Awards 2015. The Tabby Award is an official price for apps made for tablets such as the iPad.

The award is considered the Oscar for the most important apps of the year. More than 200 entries from 16 countries were submitted.

Storm & Skye and The Secret of the Car Wash had previously been nominated in the category of children’s apps, but it was announced today that the award, chosen by an international jury, and chaired by Otto Toth, chief technology officer of The Huffington Post, was awarded to the digimoo studios.

Toth: “The competition for this year’s Tabby was fierce. The best entries were high quality creative apps that utilized the capabilities and advantages of the tablet size, and those who created an entertaining and engaging user experience for all demographics.”

Magical and exciting story for Children
“Storm & Skye and The Secret of the Car Wash” is the first episode of a series of children’s stories in the form of an app for iOS and Android devices. Children experience the adventures of Storm and Skye, two children who find magical passage to a mysterious world in a car wash.. The app is available in Dutch and English.  Previously, the app won the Best Mobile App Award for toddlers and children.

New episodes

Barnier Geerling, creator and producer of the app: “I am very glad winning this important award. Among the contestants in our category were big names such as Disney and Nickelodeon. Winning such a significant jury price is really great, but it’s even better to read all the enthusiastic responses we get from kids all around the world who are fully engaged in our stories. We are now working on great new episodes.

About Digimoo Studios

Storm & Skye and The Secret of the Car Wash is developed by Digimoo Studios, a publisher and production company specializing in the development of innovative entertainment apps for children.